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About Spacequest

The world if Spacequest is one in which mankind thoroughly screwed up the Earth. Most forms of life were wiped out in the wars of the late 21st century, after it was revealed that the moon landings were fake and America has never actually been to the moon. When the Europeans finally launched a ship that could get there and announced that the moon was really made of cheese, the Americans were forced to go to war to defend their good name (or what was left of it). The war spread to encompass the entire globe, and there were no winners.

With the fuss created by the war, everyone's eyes were turned Earthwards once more, and the fallout from the nuclear weapons employed turned much of the Earth into a desolate wasteland, with little left besides small cities, shielded from nuclear strike and fallout, and living on deep hydropnics systems. There is still officially a state of war between the nations of the world, but none of them have the resources, manpower or inclination to pursue the matter.

Some advances were made during the war. A method was found to create a fantastically efficient organic fuel source from easily obtained material - cheese. Unfortunately, the easily obtainable material was not so easy to obtain once all the cows had died. It is rumoured that the government has ranches full of cows building up a secret reserve of fuel, but noone knows for sure.

Some people remembered the stories of the moon that had started the war and - using the new organic fuel - built small spacecraft to go to the moon and return with Cheese - it is the new gold, and the gold rush is just beginning as everyone tries to get in on the action...

Spacequest is a fun (if slightly silly) game set in the not-too-distant future, in which you are a prospector currently out of work. If only you had a spaceship, you could go and mine cheese but spaceships are quite expensive, so until you can afford one you simply have to adventure in the barren wilderness around the cities of Earth.

Once you have saved up enough money to buy and fuel a spaceship, you can go and mine cheese from the moon - but watch out for overzealous miners, and other unpleasant beings. If you find a good cheese vein you can make a fortune, and who know - maybe one day establish your own orbital colony?