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About the Author

Hi. I'm Matt Siddall. I've been a player of online games for a good 7 or 8 years now. I started with Planetarion ( way back when they were still in round one and played that consistently until they started to charge for it. I then discover the joys of Nukezone ( - which I became a moderator for - and other great games like Kingdom of Loathing (

I have greatly enjoyed all of these games, and still play Nukezone (give it a try - it's very good). My making this game is a sort of tribute. I know some of the hard work that goes into these games, and would like to give a little to the community myself, in recognition of all that others have given.

I'm a long term game player, love RPGs (I regularly play Exalted, WoD, D20, GURPS, etc.) and am currently single. I live just outside London, and am giving up my job to go into website design and management working for myself - SpaceQuest will serve the dual purpose of being fun and looking great on my CV :-)

If you really want to make my life easier, you can donate to the upkeep of the site, or even better (for you and me) if you shop online, you can just go to and do the shopping through the links there. It won't cost you a penny (or no more than it would normally), but I earn commission for every purchase made through the links - and can put it towards this site.

If you have any suggestions for SpaceQuest or want to contact me about anything, you can email me at: - please give the email a descriptive title - I have a fairly strict spamcatcher.