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Latest Updates:

08/09/11 : You can now spend as many turns as you want on the work page (and have been able to for about 5 years). I'm a little concerned that adventuring takes too long, and isn't all that fun at present, and I have some ideas on how things can be changed. I'm not actually expecting anyone to be reading this atm, but want to figure out exactly what the email notification system does (if anything) on it's own :-)

P.S. The forum is not accepting any new sign ups at present. A bunch of spammers found it and even now that I've disabled new accounts and deleted all the spammy ones, they're still hitting it hard. I'm going to set up a new one somewhere else - just not sure where yet.

02/12/05 : The Work Page now works. I may be adjusting the pay given in the near future. I'd also like to give the option of spending more than 1 turn there at a time...

Current top Scores:

Highest xp total: Lorellia with 137841 xp (Average: 30368)

Most Battles Won: Lorellia with 1871 Battles Won (Average: 411)

Highest Physical score: Lorellia with 17 (Average: 6.6)

Highest Mental score: Plib with 11 (Average: 4.9)

Highest Social score: Plib with 11 (Average: 4.4)

Most Money: bobbyaroo with 221749 Gold (Average: 35670)

Total number of players: 16

SpaceQuest is intended to be a fun game, not a deadly serious one. I'm still working on the game itself, so if you have any ideas you're dying to see in a game, feel free to send them in to

The game is now playable, but still very much in a beta stage. I'll keep this page updated as I go. If you want to receive an email when this page is updated, just enter your email address here:

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